10 Free Sustainable Living Goals You Don't Have to Buy Anything For

New Years has become a commercialized self-help holiday, with people dropping money on gym memberships, trendy water bottles, workout clothes, and guru-approved books. And those things CAN be super helpful in reaching good goals! But you shouldn't feel like you HAVE to buy a bunch of new things to transform into a new you this year.

If you hope to up your sustainability game in 2024, check out these 10 sustainable New Years resolution ideas that you don't have to buy anything for. They're actually money-saving, and in some cases, money-making!

  1. Quit buying bottled water! Keep a water bottle in your car, gym bag, etc. (You know you have like 25 lonely water bottles pushed to the back of your cabinet...)

  2. Line dry more of your clothes! It saves energy and keeps your pieces in better shape)

  3. Wait to run the dishwasher until it's full, and lower those water and energy bills.

  4. Start a garden. You'll save $ on produce that goes bad after a day and gain a new hobby!

  5. Cook more meals instead of getting takeout. No single-use food packaging please!

  6. Use solid girl math (aka cost-per-wear), and buy high quality, versatile clothes that will get at least 30 wears. And just say no to ultra-trendy low quality fast fashion.

  7. Join a Buy Nothing group where you can get things from people in your neighborhood for free.

  8. Host or attend a clothing swap. New (to you) clothes for FREE.99!

  9. Eat more vegan or vegetarian meals. Meat is expensive and has a higher carbon footprint.

  10. This one actually MAKES you money! Sell your things on FB Marketplace, Poshmark, or a local resale/ consignment shop. Thrift stores actually get way too many donations, so lots of it ends up going to landfill. 

Sustainable Living Goals You Don't Have to Buy Anything For

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