A-Line High Rise Linen Blend Shorts - SALE

$31.00 $78.00
Color: Gold


  • 30% European Flax Linen, 70% Tencel (a linen blend woven that’s not itchy – whoo!)
  • Ethically made in Bali by workers paid a living wage
  • Carbon neutral through carbon offsets   
  • High rise
  • Elastic waistband with drawstring
  • Pockets
Keyona wears size Small.
Final Sale.

Lenzing Tencel Lyocell + Tencel Modal

Tencel is made from either eucalyptus wood (if it’s the lyocell kind) or beech wood (if it’s the modal kind). That wood pulp is sourced from sustainably managed forests (no cutting down ancient or endangered forests just for some fabric!).

Tencel goes from wood to fiber in a production process that uses a closed-loop system to recycle the solvents back into the system instead of releasing them into waterways. It uses less water, produces less water pollution, and emits less CO2 than conventional lyocell and modal.


In this case, we mean: Garment workers were paid a living wage and worked in clean, safe factories with fair working hours. Workers in other tiers of the supply chain (think: fabric production, yarn production) are paid at least a legal minimum wage, with goals for increasing to a living wage, and all suppliers are listed publicly. Factories don’t allow child labor, forced labor, or unauthorized subcontracting (which is often a loophole other brands use to get cheap labor). All garments are made carbon neutral through offsets, and the brand donates 1% for the Planet.

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