Net Market Bag

Color: Green


  • 100% cotton
  • Ethically handmade by artisans in SE Asia
  • Dyed by hand using vegan dye
  • Comes in 4 gorgeous colors: sage, lilac, sunflower, and rose
  • Say goodbye to single-use shopping bags! This net bag is perfect for carrying your farmers market produce. But it can also be used at the mall or thrift store for your latest apparel purchase. Or toss in sunglasses, sunscreen, and a good book and head to the beach.
  • Thick long handle that’s comfortable to carry on your shoulder, even when full
  • Approximately 25” long including the handle


The Con: Cotton can use a lot of water to grow, but it really depends on which region of the world it’s grown in.

The Pros: Cotton is a natural fiber that doesn’t need a ton of chemical processing, and it has a lower impact on climate change (read: less CO2 emitted) than most other common fibers.


In this case, we mean: Artisans in Southeast Asia make these
bags by hand using weaving techniques handed down through generations. These artisans are paid fairly and produce in small batches to minimize waste and prevent overproduction.  

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