Waffle Knit Jogger - SALE

$39.00 $98.00
Color: Lime


  • 100% Better Cotton (stretchy, textured waffle knit)
  • Ethically made in Los Angeles, CA
  • High rise
  • Rib cuffs at ankle
  • Pockets
  • Styling Tip: There’s a matching hoodie!  
Keyona wears size Small. Allie wears size Large.
Final Sale.


Simply put, Better Cotton isn’t quite as good for the environment at organic cotton, but it’s way better than conventionally-grown cotton!

The Better Cotton (BCI) standard allows the controlled use of pesticides and GMO cotton, but encourages other pest control techniques to reduce and phase out pesticides, which can be harmful to agriculture workers and contaminate local water sources.

It’s grown in a way that protects and conserves local water resources and enhances biodiversity. Farmers also use a soil management plan to prevent depletion of soil, wind erosion, surface runoff, and land degradation.

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In this case, we mean: Garment workers were paid a fair hourly rate above minimum wage (no sketchy piece rate payments), and factories dictate pricing so they have control over their pay. Factories follow federal and state labor laws, produce in smaller batches to reduce overproduction, reduce water use, prevent chemical contamination, and only work with preferred sustainable fabrics!

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