32 Pieces Every Sustainable Fashionista Should Own

Focus your closet on versatile basics, and the wonderful world of style will be your oyster. A great foundation is key for mixing and matching, styling outfits you’ll actually wear out of the house, and playing with fun “out there” pieces that need some grounding.

Winter, spring, summer, or fall, all you have to do is call upon these closet ride-or-dies, and getting dressed in the morning will be sooooo much easier. Here are the 32 pieces every sustainable fashionista needs in her closet.


  • Sports bra/Cropped tank

  • Tube top

  • Bodysuit

  • Fitted tank

  • Elevated knit tank

  • Neutral graphic tee

  • Colorful graphic tee

  • Drapey tee

  • Elevated tee 

  • Long sleeve graphic tee

  • Neutral fitted long sleeve tee

  • Colorful fitted long sleeve tee

  • Fitted turtleneck

  • Plain/neutral sweatshirt

  • Black + white striped top

  • Relaxed sweater


  • Black mini skirt

  • Skort

  • Neutral sweatpants

  • Comfy dress pants/trousers

  • High rise jeans

  • Denim shorts


  • Flowy knit dress

  • Nap dress

  • Tank dress

  • Romper/jumpsuit

  • Shirtdress

Layering Pieces

  • Shacket

  • Fitted cardigan

  • Loose cardigan

  • Statement cardigan

  • Denim trucker jacket

P.S. Feel free to disagree with our list and comment what you’d add or take away. Never buy anything just because someone told you it’s a “must-have.” It’s truly only a must-have if YOU love it and will wear it often.😘 xo

If you DO want to add some of these styles to your closet, check out our Sustainable Basics collection, featuring sustainable and ethically produced pieces that are basic, but never boring. 

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